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hand drawn image with three people. One holds a cocktail glass, one holds a microphone and once hold a protest sign that reads 'Protest. Celebrate. Commemorate. Join the resistance'. Writing in the middle reads 'Don't Wait Up, Friday 18th November 6:30-9:30pm @ Streetlife Museum, Hull'. There is a bus to the left of the image. The colours are blue, purple and pink.  people

Don't Wait Up - Video Artwork


Presented by ARCADE and Hull Museums

Conceptualised by young women and non binary people from The Warren, Hull

Footage shot by Fly Girl Films & Jenni Harrison

Music, writing, voice over & final film edit by Jenni Harrison

This film is comprised of visuals that were generated through workshops with young women and non-binary people at The Warren, Hull. Driven by thought-provoking ideas generation and conversation, the group worked with Fly Girl Films, Jenni Harrison & Rachael Abbey to shoot clips which represented the frustrations and themes that came up in discussions.


The question “What would you do if all of the men in the world disappeared in an instant?” came up, and many of the group agreed that it would bring a sense of freedom and autonomy that they don’t usually feel while out and about, especially in venues and bars. It was clear in the workshop that women, girls and non-binary people are often cautious of strangers and being out at night, but many had also experienced harassment during the day. There was frustration that this harassment could happen in places where members of the public could have intervened, as well as being betrayed by people they trusted.


The film is shown alongside a piece of writing and music; both created by local artist Jenni Harrison, which reflects the thoughts, discussions and emotions felt at the time of the workshops. This is fused with audio description of what can be seen on screen, written and voiced over by Jenni. 

Don't Wait Up is presented by ARCADE & Hull Museums, funded by Arts Council England.

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