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A Brid girl is someone who has a voice and wants to use it.

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

With the anticipation of the upcoming performances of Northern Girls: Bridlington, Aidan from ARCADE sat down with our debut writers to get some insight into the thought's behind their pieces and what it means to be a Northern Girl to them.

Here we introduce the second of our debut writers, Charlotte Anderson.

If you prefer to listen to the interview, please see the video above.

Hi there, I’m Aidan from ARCADE and I’m here this evening at the Bridlington Spa to discuss with one of our debut writers about some of their experiences being a young woman from Bridlington and how that's inspired her work they’ve created that will be performed shortly for Northern Girls Bridlington.

Hi, would you like to introduce yourself to everyone listening?

Hi, I'm Charlotte Anderson, I'm 15 and I'm from Bridlington.

And were you born in Bridlington, have you been here the majority of your life?

Yeah, I've been here all my life never moved house.

Same, I did move away briefly but I was- I was born in Bridlington, 24 long years ago! So, but we'll start off with something, which I'm sure you'll have a lot of opinions on…

So, What would you say is the worst thing and, what is the best thing about Bridlington?

Well, the best thing is it's right near the seaside and there's like a lot happening especially in the summer, and it's like a really nice environment like at certain times of the year. The worst thing is sometimes it can be a bit dismal and some of the people, you know, but overall, it's a really nice town.

Yeah, I think that perfectly sums up it's a nice location, but you shouldn't let - let some small amount of people ruin [it] essentially!

So, thinking about these experiences you've had in Bridlington both the good or the bad and you know obviously the setting of where we live...

What is it about this area that's inspired the piece that you've written for Northern Girls?

Well, well my piece is, it's kind of Northern based also it’s based on someone else but it's kind of I think the kind of the tone of my like voice in it and the way I talk is kind of very northern - how like a northern person would describe things. So, yeah.

So, what is sorry, you said briefly what's inspired it, give us a little bit more insight into that on my piece.

Yeah, well my piece is about Kate Bush who is like my favourite person ever-

And you're wearing a Kate Bush t-shirt right now obviously - for anyone listening. Okay, what about her inspired-

Well, I’ve been a fan since I was like really young and just the way, just the way she writes songs the way her mind works, I just really admire and just everything about her. I just absolutely love, and she has the most amazing singing voice.

Yeah, she's definitely, definitely one of the greats, and it's interesting that you've moulded- You know melded someone such as Kate Bush with, with a with a northern voice which is, you know an interesting take. I think that's a very interesting concept. Be good to see it when, obviously, it materialises.

Then talking about pieces of art, in general, and this might be, might be difficult to remember off the top of your head. But what would you say, or what's your first memory of a piece of art or theatre or performance, that you remember seeing in Bridlington?

I remember like the pantomimes when I was really young, I used to come every year like when I was like really young, and I just used to really enjoy them. And they were just brilliant.

Yeah, yeah, I definitely think I feel like the pantomimes. I think I think, same for me when I was thinking about the question, I definitely saw that when I was younger. It was a really good at introduction I guess to theatre because it's, it's accessible for everyone, which it should be.

And I guess, because you know, Bridlington is a place that perhaps you wouldn't expect people to come and see theatre. I guess for the sort of like misconceptions about the area.

Would you say that there are any misconceptions generally about Bridlington, that you know - you think are incorrect and that people assume, aren't actually true?

I think a lot of people kind of assume that people in Bridlington or Northern people can speak quite rough or like you know have quite a rough manner. Or sometimes people can think it can be a bit dull at times it just, you know, depends on what part of Brid you go to. And, I think that's what a few things that people kind of misconceive about it.

Yeah definitely, it's, it's strange how, how just the way you sound for some people, that's enough for some people to form an opinion about you.

Does, is there anything in your piece that you think maybe challenges the idea of? Is your character, not the typical sort of stereotype of a Northern character anywhere?

Yeah, my character is just absolutely infatuated with Kate Bush just goes on and on about in like an old magazine about how much obsessed [she is] with Kate Bush.

So, it's sort of autobiographical I assume in a sense it's inspired by-

it's just, me!

Well, that's - that's great. But yeah, and you can't get more personal about a Northern girl from Bridlington without being about yourself, so that sounds, sounds great.

Then moving on from, from the misconceptions. Is there anything you think about the town that should be celebrated that perhaps isn't?

I think obviously the seaside always is very well known and everyone knows Bridlington seaside. I just think a lot of things, like, like the theatres, like the spotlight theatre, there's The Spa.. I think, and like the kind of clubs but you know like areas inside it, like, a lot of the events I think people need to know about more because they’re brilliant, so that’s good.

Are you involved with anything like that outside of this, are you-

I go to SPArklers drama here on a Tuesday night.

Okay, so I guess, would you say before this, were you more of a more of an actor or is this a-

I used to dance ages ago. And then I kind of started performing when I was about, like, eight and nine I think and then I just got really into it.

Great, I mean it's always good to try out new areas as well. See what - see what works for you. Finally, this might be a difficult question or it might come to you instantly but take some time to think about it- What would you say a, not a Bridlington because we wouldn't say that but what would you say, a Brid girl is to you? How would you, how would you define that?

Definitely someone that's got like a kind of has a voice and like, you know, wants to use it and especially in the area we live, because it's quite small. I think it's kind of a small town for like someone with like a big voice if that makes sense?

Yeah, it's, I guess you have more opportunity to be a bigger person because you're a big fish in a little pond or in the sea, I guess. That's, that's great, thank you for joining me today.

Thank you for having me.

Look forward - no, no problem. We look forward to seeing your performance coming up shortly.

Thank you!

Thank you very much.


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