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Photos: Charlotte Graham

Scarborough Stories 

Co-Produced by ARCADE and The Stephen Joseph Theatre

The streets of Scarborough are filled with stories, Memories of those who have gone before us and promises of things yet to come. Working with the local community we captured these stories, hopes and dreams, turning them into a unique performance in unusual indoor and outdoor locations in Scarborough town centre.


Each of the stories, written and told by our community cast members were audio recorded, allowing you the chance to experience them after the show.


200 participants  

15 artists employed 

51 free workshops 

15 local venues 

Participants aged 14-88 

12 story-tellers 

artforms covered in workshops: poetry, textiles, photography, film, song writing & theatre  

90% of project budget spent in Scarborough borough 

100% match-funding raised

3 sold out shows



Scarborough Stories was written and performed by the people of our town, directed by professional artist Rebecca Denniff. The project was born out of over 50 free and accessible workshops for people who live in Scarborough, covering Poetry, Textiles, Photography, film, Song Writing and Theatre. Over 200 participants were involved in creating the show on a local level.

'Scarborough people are so full of passion for the place...I wanted to find the true Spirit of Scarborough, and help to reveal it for our audiences.'

Lead artist, Rebecca Denniff