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Talk of the Town

Presented by CaVCA and Sounddelivery, supported by ARCADE



ARCADE worked with the brilliant team at CaVCA and Jude Habib of Sounddelivery to create an event which brought together Scarborough decision makers with community members to explore perspectives and ideas for the town that aren’t often heard.

10 local people volunteered and were supported to be “living books” in a “Human Library”.

A Human Library is a library just like any other, except that the books are people with stories to share.  Visitors to a Human Library are invited to view life from the perspective of others through the simple act of conversation with a “living book”.


The event took place at a wheelchair accessible venue.


We were inspired by The Human Library and the Empathy Museum.

The event also showcased a short film featuring the ideas and contributions of lots of Scarborough people, you can watch it here.

A black and white image of Scarborough High Street

The event was part of Carnegie UK Trust’s Talk of the Town pilot project inspired by their international research that places with a strong story flourish.

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