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Artwork: Works in progress, by Alex Hunt

Photo: Abbie Jennings

We Are Goddesses

Commissioned by Hull Museums
Produced by ARCADE




We Are Goddesses was a project designed by ARCADE in partnership with Hull Museums to celebrate the women in their collection and the women who are missing.

An Overview


10 days to create 

12 artists/local creatives involved

creative audio descriptions 

new illustrations and poems created  

20,000 audience members 

Creating The Work

Inspired by the image of Venus included in the Rudston Venus Mosaic we set out to explore the lives of goddesses, present and absent, within the museum’s collection with a group of young women from The Youth Parliament and Kingston Youth Centre. Brilliant Hull artist Alex Hunt took the ideas and words of these incredible women and used them to inspire this artwork.

What is a ‘goddess’? It feels like a contested term. Is it empowering or reductive? An example of a beautiful muse or a woman of authority? Should we celebrate them or challenge them?

When we explored as a group what goddesses made us feel words came in pairs. Empowered, powerless. Adored, reviled. Pride, shame. Confident, inadequate. We wanted to celebrate them as an example of female power and reject them as a model of femininity we can never live up to. We wanted to touch them. We desired them. We wanted to be them.

Together we decided to create our own goddesses inspired by the everyday women we know in our own lives, and the Hull women whose lives we can glimpse in Hull Museums collection.

What makes a goddess? Our manifesto.

We want our goddesses to be; mischievous, disruptive, and playful; not graceful, not perfect, not only traditionally beautiful; activists, forthright, rooted in their power.

They hold the fire of the sun and they empower the world. At least we want them too. Afterall, who knows what chaos goddesses might wreak if we unleash them from the male gaze. That’s what this project set out to discover. 

Venus was written by Maureen Lennon, inspired by the Venus of the Rudston Mosaic. A Hull Goddess and Florence Eva Crackles was written by Sophie, inspired by her cousin, and the famous Hull botanist. A Goddess of Knowledge was written by Venia Issa, inspired by her mother.

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We Are Goddesses Interpretation - Audio Description











We Are Goddesses Interpretation - Text

A Goddess of knowledge: Written about her mum, by Venia

A lion mane

She is fierce minded

A minority in a majority

Stands her ground

Is rooted in her morals

An ox

Nurturing but aggressive

Intimidating but begs for change

Never has her share taken



Sure of herself.

We Are Goddesses - ARCADE - Streetlife Museum, Hull - Full Res-35.jpg
We Are Goddesses - 18-03-2022 - web files-25.jpg

A goddess inspired by the life of Florence Eva Crackles, by Sophie

I am stolen

I am broken

I am freed

I am healed

I can grow towns from dirt

I can summon storms from the sea

I am fierce

I am everything I want to be

I am me.


A Hull Goddess: Written about her cousin, by Sophie

She’s different

She doesn’t fit in with the crowd

She does it effortlessly

Not to impress anyone

Not to prove anything

Not to make a statement

She does it because that’s who she is

She’s comfortable and proud

Smart and strong

Kind and flirty

She’s loud and free

She’s everything that she’s ever been denied and more

She doesn’t do this for anyone

But there’s a little piece of her out there for everyone.

We Are Goddesses - ARCADE - Streetlife Museum, Hull - Full Res-37.jpg
We Are Goddesses - 18-03-2022 - web files-3.jpg

Venus By Maureen Lennon

Feet hold up thighs
Like tree trunks
Wide hips, soft belly
What is love but something to sink into?
A well.
The depths of which you have no understanding.
I am not flat and smooth
But unruly.
Hair wild and mischief eyes.
You try and hold me in your canvas
Cloak me in desire
But I am too slippery
The spit of sea foam
I will not be possessed.
Naked in my power.
I hold your life in my palm
And you cannot look away.
Soon you call us all
A Venus.
And you are right
Because if you strip us to our core
We are beautiful and terrible
We are multitudes
We are rising
Feel us move.


Florence Anne Boot by Venia

Dressed in books and literature.
I am a woman who battles all those around me to progress into change.
I am the catalyst that offers an alternate ending.

I battled against my fate to change the future of others.


What our audience thought about Goddesses today...

What makes a Goddess?

“A divine femininity” / “Representing all women” "Power to be who she wants to be" / "No fear" / "Have belief in herself" / "Empowering others" / “Strong" / “Independent” / “Warrior” / “Brave” / “Compassionate” / “Gorgeous” / “Beautiful” / “Role Model”

Who would you have made a goddess of?

"The environment – a goddess to help regenerate and heal the earth" / "Peace" / "Animals – she would have the power to talk to animals" / "Beauty – real, diverse beauty" / "Strength and perseverance" / "Kindness" / "Compassion" / "Caring" / "Love and support for people in need"

Do you know of any modern goddesses? Who?

“My grandma” / “My mum” / "Nan was a goddess – she give up her time for others"​ / "My sister was always my role model"​ / "My teacher"​ / "My friends" / "Coco Chanel - she designed trousers for women!"

Photos: Abbie Jennings

We Are Goddesses - Credits

Goddess design - Alex Hunt  //  Goddess illustration assistant - Molly Innes  //  Poems and inspiration - Young Women at Kingston Youth Centre; Sophie, Venia, Annalise and Connie  //  Interpretation, Audio Description & Venus - Maureen Lennon  //  Poem voice - Venia  //  Audio recording - Ysabelle Wombwell  //  Audio description voice - Ruby Thompson  // Concept - ARCADE in collaboration with Steering Group  //  Commissioned by Hull Museums  //  Produced by ARCADE  //  With support from Freedom Festival  //  Celebrating Women And Femme Identifying People Steering Group - Ysabelle Wombwell, Rachael Abbey, Karen Okra, Frances Kelly, Lizi Perry, Lou Cole

With thanks to our partners and funders

These projects are made possible with the support of Hull Museums and Arts Council England


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