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Photos: Stewart Baxter

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Scarborough Creatives

Coordinated by ARCADE in collaboration with COAST partners, supported by Arts Council England.

Information on the next Scarborough Creatives in person meeting will be promoted on the facebook group.


We believe everyone is an artist and that they have the potential to develop their skills and collaborate with others.

Scarborough Creatives is open to all artforms, artistic practices, abilities and levels of experience, whether you self-define as a professional artist or simply enjoy doing creative things. You need to be 16+ please.

What is it?

  • A way for creative people who live in the borough to talk, share and collaborate. 

  • Support in creating opportunities for professional development, training, funding or paid work in the area.


Who runs it?

  • The ARCADE team manage the facebook page and is coordinated by ARCADE in collaboration with COAST (Scarborough’s Local Cultural, Education and Community Partnership)


What does it do?

  • Connecting people and fostering collaboration.

  • Supporting people along their creative journey, by offering a listening ear or signposting to advice or training.

  • Promotion of opportunities, including jobs, events and available funds.

  • Helping to create opportunities to develop joint funding bids.

  • Supporting the creative development of the town, promoting strategic initiatives, such as Scarborough Fayre.

Where and when does it meet?

The ARCADE team coordinate in-person events, usually including a summer and a Christmas party. Outside of in person events, conversations often happen on the Facebook group. 


  • This is an inclusive and anti-racist group, open to people from all backgrounds.

  • We will aim for sessions to be as accessible as possible, please let us know in advance if you have any access requirements.

  • Events are free to attend.

To stay up to date, we recommend joining our Scarborough Creatives Facebook Group.

This is where the upcoming meeting dates will be arranged and posted.

  • Facebook

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