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Scarborough Stories

NOVEMBER 2021 - JULY 2022

People of Scarborough! Come and make a brand new show with us about Scarborough and what it means to you. No experience needed, open to all ages, inclusive and free to take part.  

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Up Front 

FRIDAY 10 JUNE 2022 

Are you a woman working in museums or archives? Or maybe you're interest in a career in culture and heritage?


Join us online for a chat with brilliant female leaders from the sector, Arike Oke & Esther Hallberg.



Photos: Stewart Baxter & Phoebe Donbavand

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The Bunker of Zion Tour

FRI 29, SAT 30 JULY 2022

The Bunker of Zion tour will bring a joyous and colourful celebration of Zimbabwean culture to selected venues nationwide, including Bridlington.


Improvisatory musician / actor / artist John Pfumojena will create a unique experience, bringing Zimbabwe township theatre to Bridlington. Expect a jazz and hip hop vibe for this three night performance. Audience participation encouraged. 


Scarborough Stories  

THURS 7, FRI 8, AND SAT 9 JULY 2022  

The finale of Scarborough Stories will be a unique celebration of our town's people, imagination and the stories that matter.


Travel the streets, guided by the people who know them best. This unique outdoor performance takes place in unusual locations on Scarborough High Street.


Photos: Matthew Cooper

Photos: Stewart Baxter & Phoebe Donbavand

Photos: Stewart Baxter, Phoebe Donbavand Matt Cooper, Esme Mai

Past Projects

Hear about our past projects including ‘Heroes of the Imagination’ with Touretteshero,
Talk of the Town’ with CaVCA and 'Grue' by Wintercroft.


Commissioned Work

Although our regular work happens in Scarborough Borough and Bridlington, we are also lucky enough to be commissioned by partners in our wider region. 

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Photo: Stewart Baxter

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