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Grue 2023


2nd - 23rd December 2023

Back for its third year, popular immersive installation, Grue by Wintercroft, returns in a new home! Built by our community and made entirely from recycled and repurposed materials, Grue can be reached through a magical door on the top floor of Scarborough Library


Grue invites you to step into a fantastical world and explore a series of enchanting landscapes. Travel through dense forest and across icy regions on an important mission, discovering forgotten creatures both big and small. 

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Photo: Stewart Baxter 

Signs of the Times

Unsung places, memorable locations, and recollections of local people, celebrated in a series of illuminated text artworks - designed and created with artist Adrian Riley, produced by ARCADE. These are the town centre places we'd hang out as kids, or the location of a first kiss, perhaps the meet up spot for a night on the town...  anywhere special in our lives deserves to be celebrated, and we're going to light it up!

A lady in a superhero costume with her arm outstretched in a superhero pose with a younger girl in the backgrouns wearing a mask and smiling

Photo: Esme Mai

Past Projects


Hear about our past projects including ‘Heroes of the Imagination’ with Touretteshero, ‘Talk of the Town’ with CaVCA, and Grue by Wintercroft.


Create With Us


Our work is a collaboration between ARCADE, the community, and our artistic partners.

Find out how you can join in with our workshops to make brilliant creative things happen, together.


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