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A new home...

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

We are really pleased to announce that Scarborough’s Stephen Joseph Theatre (SJT) have invited us to be come one of their Associate Companies.

This means that the ARCADE office will be based at the SJT as we make our home there over the next few years. The SJT team will support us and share their skills, expertise and experience with us as we grow. We hope we can bring new ideas and fresh approaches to the SJT too.

Together, we hope to make extraordinary community-led projects and shows. We will be asking our local community what they want, and supporting both local and national artists to work within the town and Borough.

We will invite other partners to work with us, growing our existing relationships with

the brilliant Scarborough Museums Trust and Coast & Vale Community Action, and we are excited to make new relationships too.

The first project that we will work on together is Scarborough Stories, which you can read all about by clicking HERE. Scarborough Stories will take place from April 2021 to March 2022, and is for anyone who has a story they want to tell, or is angry or passionate about an issue or challenge in their life or community. It will culminate in a site-specific show in the town centre.

Click HERE to check out the SJT website.

Photo credit James-Drawneek



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