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Photos: Matt Cooper, Stewart Baxter

Wardrobes Bridlington

Devised and created by KIT Theatre

Co-Produced by ARCADE and KIT Theatre

Commissioned by East Riding Libraries 

Supported by Bridlington Spa 

Funded through public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England



​We are working with the award-winning KIT Theatre to bring theatre and fun to Bridlington Primary Schools (Bempton, Martongate, Hilderthorpe and Burton Agnes) in Autumn 23.


It turned out that C.S Lewis was onto something with the Narnia books: Wardrobes really are portals between worlds! What dear old C.S did not know is that magical wardrobes also work as transportation devices between one place and time and another. Some time-travelling explorers from the past have accidentally ended up in Bridlington 2023 and it's down to the town’s school children to help them out.

In this immersive theatre and workshop experience we will call upon all daring and adventurous 6+ year olds and their classmates, to help us solve clues and welcome a time traveller from the past. Each class and their teacher will work with KIT Theatre and ARCADE across a four week period which includes a day trip to Bridlington Spa, ongoing dialogue and communication with their own personal time traveller, in school workshops and classroom activities. 


The WARDROBES creative team work closely with each class teacher to provide a unique teaching opportunity. Designed to be delivered alongside other curriculum activities, the WARDROBES experience brings learning alive, children become the heroes of their own class adventure, solving problems, developing literacy, storytelling and performance skills.

The four week project culminates in an electric theatrical finale at Bridlington North Library. It is here that the children discover a magical wardrobe hidden in a bookcase and they get to meet their time-traveller in real life. Each class presents a performance for their time traveller as well as a guidebook creation about modern life in Bridlington, before waving them off on their next adventure.




KIT Theatre

Director - Tom Bowtell

Producer - Harry Tennison


Executive Producer - Hannah Davies

Assistant Producer - Shannon Barker


Designer - Anna Bean

Performers - JJ Cruickshank, Amy Blake, Liam Farricker, Isabelle Cameron, James Knight

Facilitators - Shannon Rewcroft, Emily Chattle

Stage Manager - Siobhan Ashton

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