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Photos: Matt Cooper, Stewart Baxter

Wardrobes Bridlington

Co-Produced by ARCADE and KIT Theatre



The award-winning KIT Theatre & community producers ARCADE will bring theatre and fun to Bridlington Primary Schools this Summer term. 

You can download our school info pack pdf here. 

Immersive theatre and workshop experience 

In Summer 2023, we will call upon all daring 6+ year olds and their classmates, especially those who enjoy adventures. We need their help to solve clues and welcome someone from the past in an immersive theatre and workshop experience at school.


It turned out that C.S Lewis was onto something with the Narnia books: Wardrobes really are portals between worlds. What dear old C.S might not have known is that most of these accidental time-travelling wardrobe explorers ended up in Bridlington: and it's down to the town’s school children to help them out.

Primary Schools will have chance to experience an interactive, time-travel adventure show, taking place in their classrooms in the summer term 2023. Children will become heroes, solve problems by writing and performing while gaining confidence and skills throughout.


The Performance

The experience culminates in an electric theatrical finale where children meet their time-traveller, who burst through a magical bookcase, to listen to the children’s performances and guidebook creations about modern life in Bridlington. 

​Co-produced by KIT Theatre & ARCADE, commissioned by XXX and supported with funds from XXXX

With many thanks to project funders Arts Council England, XXXX


See some of the incredible feedback from Wardrobes 2021 below: 

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