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A black and white image of Scarborough beach showing the seafront, people walking their dogs across the sands, and the sea and lighthouse to the right

Photo: Sarah Lesser-Moor

Supporting Artists

We are committed to supporting our local artists as much as we are able, to ensure Scarborough Borough has a thriving creative scene. As part of our Arts Council England project grant, ARCADE have offered a day of support to 10 artists in the Borough of Scarborough. We are doing this by providing producing support, help with funding and advice to enable them to grow their practice and get creative projects off the ground.  We offer this support to a diverse range of artists in terms of artform, lived experiences and for those whom our expertise is helpful.

Alex 2022 Small_edited.jpg

Alex Weatherhill 

(Not) Forever Yone 


Charlotte Oliver and Sarah Dew

Steve Wintercroft 

profile pic_edited.jpg

Jayne Shipley


Angie Ward & Lisa Chapman

POSS 2_edited.jpg

Allie Watt


Matthew Cooper

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