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Image Description: This is a picture of Jess Thom – a white woman with curly brown hair sitting in her wheelchair in front of a cement wall covered in graffiti on a sunny afternoon. Jess is looking at the camera squinting slightly in the sunlight. She’s wearing a black sweatshirt with a colourful red cherry repeat print.

Photo: Ro Murphy





We are proud to be part of the Collaborative Touring Network, last year as part of the network we presented The Bunker of Zion in Bridlington featuring a local community cast of young women and girls.

We're excited to announce that in 2023, the Collaborative Touring Network will be partnering with acclaimed artist and activist Touretteshero – to develop and tour a new live and digital performance ‘Burnt Out in Biscuit Land’.


Jess Thom, co-artistic director of Touretteshero says: “This has been an exceptionally hard time for disabled artists who have had to find new ways to safely create and share their work in a world impacted by COVID-19. I feel excited and optimistic to be working with the Collaborative Touring Network on this new project, and about the opportunity it offers to develop new ways of making and touring work that centres disability arts in a kind and sustainable way.” 


‘Burnt Out in Biscuit Land’ is the follow up to Touretteshero’s smash hit ‘Backstage in Biscuit Land’. Almost a decade on, Jess Thom and the creative team grapple with their changing impairments, identities, and politics. At a time when the world is deep in chaos, the neurodiverse inhabitants of Biscuit Land are making more sense than ever before. 


The Collaborative Touring Network is on a long-term, collective mission to make each of our towns and cities a better place to be through arts and culture. The network includes us at ARCADE, The Old Courts (Wigan), Doorstep Arts (Torbay), Jumped Up  (Peterborough) Looping the Loop (Thanet) and GL4 (Gloucester).


As part of this project, CTN and Touretteshero partnered with Unlimited, to launch a national commissioning opportunity, for disabled artists based in the towns and cities across our growing network. The CTN & Unlimited Partnership Award offered micro-commissions to 9 artists, supporting the creation of new, high-quality, ambitious work from disabled artists across a range of artforms.



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