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Image: Matthew Cooper

Photos: Matthew Cooper


Letter-shaped trays containing rows of naked lightbulbs.
Visually inspired by classic seaside bulb lettering.



Listen to the artwork  audio

Signs of the Times [Kid] To get to the best place to sit and eat a sausage roll with the pigeons and maybe some music, begin at Alma Square. Go straight forward till you get to a crossing, then go ahead again. You will cross a road that goes past a shopping centre and perhaps there’s a busker singing, stop opposite the entrance, turn left and you’re there! ‌[Adult] Across the grass, down some steps, glimpses of the sea between the trees, a cute little bridge and then lots of benches to choose from. [Adult] In the crescent, lunch with the crows. [Adult] Sat on the benches, sharing a pizza and watching the sea together. [Adult] Lunch with the crows. [Kid] How to find the best bench for a quick snack when it’s raining... Go up the hill past the shop selling funny stuff, go up a bit more, say hello to the pig, then up a bit more. You’ll see a statue, that’s a bin. Go past it and through the big doors to the side of the escalator. It’s a pink bench hidden at the side, that’s it. [Adult] Lunch with the crows [Kid] Start where there’s burgers and fries. Walk up the street and left up through town. Cross the crossing at the top. Reach where the trains go choo choo! [Adult] I remember Dad telling me about this bench on the platform – the longest in the country. I remember literally jumping off the train at the station. Dad telling the station staff he’s met them before, his stories of the ticket office, and the longest platform bench. [Adult] The perfect lunch spot - down from the station, weave through town, turn right past the library and then left, by the Royal Hotel. Sit with Queen Victoria looking to the harbour. The sea still gets me.


Bar Street.jpeg

22 Bar Street

Thank you to Toby and Kim for loaning us the beautiful windows of 22 Bar Street.

22 Bar Street: A sympathetically restored and highly attractive Victorian-era shop premises located on the historic Bar Street in Scarborough.


1. Brunswick / Bus Stops
2. Mr E Escape Ro
3. Twenty Two Bar Street
4. Explore Indie / Grind Coffee
5. Furniture Works
6. Mandy Apple Gallery

368675480_182195771634970_1164313964051879558_n (1).png

The Signs of the Times project has been commissioned by the Town Centre Team in Scarborough and is funded by the Yorkshire Coast BID.



Explore Indie and Coffee Shop

Coffee and Cake that help your local independent makers.


Richardsons Cycles

One stop shop for all things bike.



Spanish inspired eatery, deli and wine shop.


Crafty Creations Cafe

Ideas come to life at the Crafty Creations Cafe.



Feature Lighting for your Home.



Distinctive furniture, creating something unique, saving furniture from landfill and supporting the local community.


Beach Hut Creations and Tearoom

Handmade gifts and a Tearoom of homemade treats.


Stephen Joseph Theatre

The Stephen Joseph Theatre is an independent theatre and cinema which is all about great nights out. The SJT hosts theatre, cinema, comedy, music and more six nights a week.


Lilly’s Treasures

Award Winning Gift Boutique - Gifts That Inspire, Uplift & Delight.

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