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Image: Matthew Cooper

Photos: Matthew Cooper

Soft and Silky

Raised acrylic lettering on a sequinned backplate with recessed light. The visual inspiration is 1980s seafront lighting and nightclub signage.



Listen to the artwork  audio

Signs of the Times Strawberry, raspberry ripple, banana, mint choc chip, chocolate… My friends like chocolate. Belgium chocolate… There’s a lot of chocolate. Chocolate orange… Swiss chocolate… Mint choc chip, pecan, cookies and cream, cookie dough, strawberries and cream, Neapolitan, raspberry cheesecake, mint choc chip, banoffee pie… I want to say vanilla. Lemon meringue and… I want to say vanilla. Tootie fruitie… I want to say vanilla – like, no-one actually chooses vanilla. I see ice cream. Pistachio, hazelnut, caramel, rum and raisin, cinnamon… Cinder toffee. Mint choc chip… Salted caramel, apple crumble… Blackcurrant apple crumble. Lemon cake, apple crumble. Mint choc chip. Lemon top, lemon top, lemon, lemon, lemon top. Vanilla sorbet with red berries. Mint choc chip. Rhubarb, rhubarb, yellow peach, rhubarb, rhubarb, fruits of the forest, rhubarb, rhubarb, whisky cream. Passion fruit and prosecco, lime and basil, coffee, liquorice… Ice cream’s cold and coffee’s hot. Amarena cherries, mango sorbet, mint choc chip. Either strawberry or raspberry ripple. Or raspberry ripple, or raspberry ripple. Probably raspberry ripple because everyone thinks “oh, that’s posh!”. And vanilla. Signs of the Times. I’m sad that it didn’t dye my tongue black – it looked dyed black but then it wasn’t – it was just leftover ice cream.



Mandy Apple

Thank you to the artists at Mandy Apple for giving up half of their window space to this project. Their sign will add to their eclectic mix of art on show both in the window and inside the shop.

Mandy Apple: Mandy Apple Collective is a Scarborough-based art collective with the goal of bringing more public art, skill sharing and weirdness to the Yorkshire Coast.


1. Brunswick / Bus Stops
2. Mr E Escape Ro
3. Twenty Two Bar Street
4. Explore Indie / Grind Coffee
5. Furniture Works
6. Mandy Apple Gallery

368675480_182195771634970_1164313964051879558_n (1).png

The Signs of the Times project has been commissioned by the Town Centre Team in Scarborough and is funded by the Yorkshire Coast BID.



Explore Indie and Coffee Shop

Coffee and Cake that help your local independent makers.


Richardsons Cycles

One stop shop for all things bike.



Spanish inspired eatery, deli and wine shop.


Crafty Creations Cafe

Ideas come to life at the Crafty Creations Cafe.



Feature Lighting for your Home.



Distinctive furniture, creating something unique, saving furniture from landfill and supporting the local community.


Beach Hut Creations and Tearoom

Handmade gifts and a Tearoom of homemade treats.


Stephen Joseph Theatre

The Stephen Joseph Theatre is an independent theatre and cinema which is all about great nights out. The SJT hosts theatre, cinema, comedy, music and more six nights a week.


Lilly’s Treasures

Award Winning Gift Boutique - Gifts That Inspire, Uplift & Delight.

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